Electrical Engineering

Pitt-Johnstown Electrical Engineering

The Pitt-Johnstown Electrical Engineering (EE) program, which began in Fall 2015, prepares students to work in areas of production design and manufacture, systems integration, plant operations, field support and engineering sales. Power systems are the hallmark of the program with emphasis on all phases of power generation and distribution. 

Electrical Engineering

EE is a broad and challenging field that offers employment and career opportunities ranging from research and product development to engineering sales.

Our alumni have earned masters and doctoral degrees at several well-respected universities. These Pitt-Johnstown alumni then go on to careers in research and development, advanced design, or academe.

The EE curriculum is designed accomplish this preparation. A top-down view of the curriculum reveals three major branches of knowledge - technical, professional, and cultural - which prepare our graduates for successful careers.


Electrical Engineering Enrolled Students/Graduates

Academic Year                    Enrolled Students                        Graduates
2018-2019                                     43                                             3
2017-2018                                     22                                             0
2016-2017                                     21                                             0
2015-2016                                     10                                             0