Civil Engineering

Pitt-Johnstown Civil Engineering 

The Pitt-Johnstown Civil Engineering (CE) program, which began in Fall 2015, provides a broad introduction to areas of civil engineering practice including construction materials and management, geotechnical, transportation, environmental and structural engineering along with design of infrastructure. An exciting extension is site development at the industrial and residential level.

Civil Engineering 

Graduates will also acknowledge the need for personal and professional adaptability and will be prepared to pursue professional licensure, graduate study and professional growth during their careers.

The Engineering Division provides co-op opportunities using the Cooperative Education Program in the School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Representatives from the Co-op Program in Pittsburgh visit the Johnstown Campus twice a year. Sophomores and juniors who are interested in the Co-op Program can obtain materials in the Engineering office.

Civil Engineering Enrolled Students/Graduates

Academic Year                    Enrolled Students                        Graduates
2018-2019                                    182                                           20
2017-2018                                    126                                            0
2016-2017                                     82                                             0
2015-2016                                     47                                             0