CODE for Commonwealth & Country

Computational-Learning for Opportunities in a Digital Environment

Pitt-Johnstown and partners have launched a bold and ambitious initiative – CODE (Computational-Learning for Opportunities in a Digital Environment) for Commonwealth & Country – with the goal of enhancing digital literacy for workforce competitiveness, beginning in K-12 and beyond.

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Roxanne Jenner
Director of CODE Programs


Every Child Should Learn Computer Science

computer science

"Everyone deserves to be ready to compete and thrive in the unfolding 21st century world. Therefore, our goal is to bring the basics of coding to every child and every student, in every nook and cranny of the Greater Johnstown region, transforming the so-called 'Rust Belt' into a hotspot in the new digital economy with great jobs for our people."

Dr. Jem Spectar, President
University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

Computer Science Opportunity Gap


  • The U.S. has 527,169 open computing jobs

Schools Lag Behind Parent Demand


  • 90-percent of parents want their child to learn computer science

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