Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the governing student body at Pitt-Johnstown. It serves as the official representative of the students to the University administration.

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Responsibilities and activities include:

  • allocating monies from the Student Activities Fee to registered student organizations or student centered initiatives.
  • granting or withdrawing recognition of registered student organizations
  • plan and coordinate the PITT STOP program
  • Assist in the coordination of the Pitt-Johnstown@Your Service Days and annual Pitt Make A Difference Day
  • Winter Formal 

Each student has a voice in the Government through participation in campus-wide elections of Officers and Senators. President, Vice President and Senator-at-Large elections take place every spring (with Freshman Senators being elected in October). Membership is open to any full-time student who meets the University Relations Committee requirements and presents a petition containing the appropriate amount of student signatures.

Activity in Student Government Association is not limited to elected members. Students interested in serving in some capacity should contact any Student Senator. Meetings of the Student Senate are open to members of the student body, faculty and administration.


  • 814-269-7087
  • Email:
  • Student Government Association Office, G-61 Student Union Building


The Allocations Committee meets with recognized student organizations throughout the year regarding the Student Activities Fee. This committee also handles requests from student organizations such as Budget Modifications and Emergency Allocations. Allocations Committee also assembles the Student Activities Fund for the next academic year. The committee will assemble a draft of the budget at least three (3) meetings before the end of the current SGA administration.

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Recreation and Publicity 

Our committee works with all the recreational activity within our organization. We also focus on informing all students of the business that takes place within the Student Government Association through this website, as well as our social media accounts.  Recreation & Publicity also is responsible for the annual Pitt Stop Program here on campus that provides discounts and incentives to students from various local businesses in the Johnstown area. We also organize most of the volunteering activities here on campus.

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Campus Development 

The Campus Development Committee handles matters regarding Owen Library, Information Technology, the Registrar's Office, Career Services, campus grounds, Campus Police, Renovations, Academic Halls, parking, and any related facilities. This committee is responsible for overseeing the major development issues here on campus such as laundry facilities, road conditions, and renovations. In order to conduct their business Campus Development will meet with the Vice President of Finance & Administration and the Vice President of Student Affairs.

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Campus Relations

The Campus Relations Committee deals with all matters concerning aspects of every recognized student organization including but not limited to charters constitutions, administration, advisors, community service, and membership.

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Vendor Relations

The Food Services Committee meets with Sodexo throughout the year to discuss problems students have regarding the food on campus and what can be fixed or improved with all dining services at UPJ. 

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Student Polices

The policies committee handles the concerns and suggestions of the student body regarding policies such as those that are listed in the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Policies committee is the liaison between the SGA and the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution, the committee will meet with this office when necessary.  

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Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee deals with all matters related to the Office of Housing and Residence Life, Health Services, Athletics, Student Life, Physical Plant, Academic Affairs, and the Academic Success Center. 

This committee is responsible for meeting with the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of the Office of Housing and Residence Life, Director and Physical Plant as deemed necessary by the committee itself or the student government as a whole.

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