Pitt-Johnstown @ Your Service

Volunteer for Pitt-Johnstown @ Your Service day, Saturday, October 21, 2017

In 2009, the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown embarked on the most extensive community service initiative in its history. Since then, “Pitt-Johnstown @ Your Service” has evolved into a year-round initiative that connects students, faculty, and staff with community organizations and events throughout the area. 

Through this distinctive program, members of the Pitt-Johnstown community have performed thousands of hours of service on projects that address areas of vital importance to Pitt-Johnstown and the community, including health promotion, veteran outreach, K-12 education, and workforce development.  Additionally, the students have expanded the @ Your Service footprint  by working with national organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity. 

Our students have now performed more than 5,000 hours of service in the Moxham neighborhood (these are total hours since the initiative began in August 2014):


Student Hours

Staff Hours

Village Street Playground



After School Help & Movie Night help



Camera Installation



Miscellaneous Projects
(Light Up, Park Ave Playground cleanup, and the Russell House)






@ Your Service projects are being developed for the Moxham neighborhood of Johnstown.  Moxham is  where Pitt-Johnstown began to establish its roots in Johnstown before moving to its current location in suburban Richland Township. 

Recently, Pitt-Johnstown announced a seven-year commitment to strengthen the Moxham neighborhood through partnerships with a number of community organizations including the Moxham Renaissance, Moxham Neighborhood Watch, and the Russell House. Additionally, a new initiative has been announced to address the serious issue of blight in the Moxham neighborhood.  

One of the first projects undertaken as part of the Moxham partnership was restoration of the Village Street Playground. Pitt-Johnstown students invested many hours in restoring the playground. Below are some before and after pictures showing the results of our students' hard work.

Please check back regularly for more additional volunteer opportunities as part of Pitt-Johnstown @ Your Service.  


Playground Progress

Playground Progress

Playground Progress