Housing Cancellations & Changes

Housing Cancellations for Fall 2018

Whatever one’s rationale and/or reason, the deadline for current and incoming students to cancel an existing housing contract is Tuesday, July 31, 2018. 

Barring any outstanding balance on the student’s account, all eligible* cancellations received on or before July 31 will receive a full refund of the initial $150 housing deposit.  Students cancelling to commute are not eligible to receive a refund of the housing deposit.  Please note that cancelling your housing for Fall 2018 also cancels your housing for Spring 2019.  

Should a student desire to move onto campus for Spring 2019, the student must complete a new application that will available in October 2018.

Students who cancel their housing to commute will also need to submit a “Request for Release from Housing Contract” form, available at the Forms and Publications link or in the Office of Student Housing.

To cancel your housing assignment:

Before May 1 - email upjhousing@pitt.edu from your Pitt email account or stop by the Housing Office (163 Student Union)

After May 1, please complete the online Housing Cancellation form by:

  1. Logging into my.pitt.edu
  2. Navigate to My Resources>Housing E-Services
  3. Click the Housing & Dining Services – Commuter and Unrestricted Services link
  4. Click the Cancel Housing for 2017-2018 button
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.  You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully completed the request.

 *Cancelling one’s housing contract to commute from home or an off campus location will result in forfeiture of the housing deposit and/or appropriate penalties.  Please review the Housing and Dining Services Contract for more details.


Changing Rooms for Fall

All housing spaces are frozen for the week of classes (August 27-31).  Beginning September 4, all vacancies will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Office of Residence Life, 130 Student Union.  Students may elect to move into a posted vacancy.  Students should come to the Office of Student Housing to obtain the appropriate paperwork to change rooms.