Housing Cancellations & Changes


 Cancellation of Housing Contract                                                                                                              

Whatever one’s rationale and/or reason, the deadline for current residential students to cancel an existing housing contract is Friday, December 16.  Barring any outstanding balance on the student’s account, all eligible* cancellations received on or before December 16 will receive a full refund of their initial $150 housing deposit.  Students cancelling to commute are not eligible to receive a refund of the housing deposit.   Students who cancel their housing to commute will also need to submit a “Request for Release from Housing Contract” form, available online (click the Forms and Publications link) or in the Office of Student Housing.

 To cancel your housing assignment, please complete the online Housing Cancellation by:

  1. Logging into my.pitt.edu
  2. Navigate to My Resources > Housing E-Services
  3. Click the Housing & Dining Services link
  4. Click the Cancel Spring 2017 Housing link
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.  You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully complete the request.

 *Cancelling your housing contract to commute from home or will result in forfeiture of the housing deposit and/or appropriate penalties.  Please review the Housing and Dining Services Contract for more details.


NEW - Apply for College Park Apartments

The renovated College Park Apartments (CPA) are on track to open in January. Students may apply in groups of 2 or 4 students (depending on which apartment style you prefer). Group applications will be available in the Office of Housing (G61 Student Union) beginning October 31. Successful applications will be determined by housing credits within each application group, with additional consideration given to those currently tripled in the LLC. Incomplete applications (those with fewer members than the desired apartment type) will go to the bottom of the pool regardless of the number of housing credits. All group members must be current resident students.

Applications are due by 4:30pm on November 30, 2016 to the Office of Student Housing. Successful groups will be notified December 7, 2016 and asked to go online to finalize their assignment.

CPA rates are posted under the Housing Rates link.


Changing Housing Assignments                                                                                                                 

As students cancel and/or change their housing assignments for Spring Term, all vacancies will be posted on display board located in the hallway outside the Office of Student Housing in the Student Union.  These vacancies can be viewed even when the Office is closed.  Please note:  Students may not move until the move has been pre-approved by the Office of Student Housing.     All moves scheduled for the spring term must be completed before the student leaves for Winter Break on December 17.

 To secure a vacancy and/or change rooms . . .

…between November 1 and December 4

  • Get written consent from the remaining roommate(s) and bring it to the Office of Student Housing.  Consent may also be emailed to upjhousing@pitt.edu.

…between December 5 and December 11

  • Roommate consent is NOT necessary.  Indicate to the Office of Student Housing which vacancy you choose from the “Spring Term Vacancies” display. 

…during final exam week (December 12-16) no new moves will be approved.

 NOTE:     First-year students ARE NOT permitted to move to upperclassmen facilities. 


Commuters Wishing to Live on Campus                                                                                                                

Current commuters can easily move onto campus.  Please complete the housing application process outlined at the “Apply for Housing” link.