Experiential Learning Communities

First-year students at Pitt-Johnstown have the exciting opportunity to choose to live in one of 10 different Experiential Learning Communities. The goal of these communities is to provide students with the opportunity to connect with other students who have a shared interest or situation. Students in these groups are housed together in a specific wing or floor in the same facilities as the rest of the first-year students.

Available Communities:

Students are encouraged to remain actively involved with their groups beyond their freshman year.

Program Benefits

Choosing to live within an Experiential Learning Community provides the opportunity for:

  • Friendship and Fellowship - Meet people and form lasting friendships.
  • Team Building - Enjoy an enhanced level of social interaction and collaboration.
  • Mentoring - Form relationships that facilitate a successful transition to college.
  • Career and Professional Planning - Participate in tailored activities designed for your Interest Group.
  • Networking - Establish connections with students, faculty, staff, and alumni who share your interests.

Experiential Learning Communities provide an opportunity to create connections and explore the Collegiate Involvement and Community and Civic Engagementtwo that are core components of the RealWorld Action Program.

Questions about the Experiential Learning Communities can be directed to Matthew Mullen, Graduate Coordinator for Living Learning Programs.