Meal Plan Options

Meal Plans for 2018-2019

The Pitt-Johnstown meal plan structure features a combination of meals and dining dollars.

Pitt-Johnstown Dining

Prices are per semester.

Meal Plan                                                         Prices

Plan 1   (200 Meals + 275 Dining Dollars)                           $2,070
Plan 2   (150 Meals + 350 Dining Dollars)                           $1,910
Plan 3   (120 Meals + 400 Dining Dollars)                           $1,795

Commuter Meal Plans*

Commuter Plan 1 (500 Dining Dollars + 5 Meals)             $500
Commuter Plan 2 
(75 Meals + 385 Dining Dollars)          $1,640

*Commuter Students; Townhouse Residents; College Park Apartment Residents only

If you would like to select an alternate plan, please contact the Office of Housing and Dining Services at

PROPOSED 2019-2020 Meal Plan Options

Resident Plans

301*  Ultimate (unlimited) +$150
311*  165 meals +$450
321*  150 meals +$350
331*  125 meals +$475
341    120 meals +$400
351      75 meals +$385

PROPOSED 2019-2020 Commuter Plans

391      65 meals +150
392      55 meals +$220
No meal plan

*first-year meal options

Choosing Your Plan

Selecting the right meal plan involves knowing your eating habits – Are you a breakfast eater? Will you be on campus during the weekends? How is your class schedule structured during meal times? Do you prefer an all-you-can-eat buffet or a grab-and-go sandwich or salad?

Keep in mind that a “Meal” from your plan is deducted any time you enter the Dining Hall to eat. If you don’t have time to sit down with friends to enjoy your meal, you have the option of purchasing a To-Go Box and filling it with your favorite foods from the dining hall. This convenient option allows you to use a “Meal” rather than Dining Dollars.

“Dining Dollars” spend like cash at any of the campus eateries including the Tuck Shop, Brioche Doree, and Daily Grind.

Meal Plan Calculator

Please use our Meal Plan Calculator to help determine the number of meals you plan to use during the semester.

Meal Plan meals are all-you-can eat dining in the dining hall. To-Go boxes are also available in the dining hall and count as one meal. Dining Dollars spend like cash at any of the dining venues.

Remember to allow for Thanksgiving Break and occasional weekends at home once you have calculated your semester total.