Additional Meal Plan Features


If you have contracted for Plan 1 through Plan 3, you may use your guest meals to treat your friends or family. If you have contracted for a meal plan that includes Dining Dollars, you may choose to use Dining Dollars to pay for your guests’ meal to treat your friends or family.

Pitt-Johnstown Dining

And, of course, Food Services will accept cash for any meal. Rates vary depending on the menu selections at the Tuck Shop, Daily Grind, and Brioche Dorée. Standard rates for meals in the Student Union Dining Hall and the Varsity Café are:

  • Breakfast: $7.35
  • Lunch: $9.30
  • Dinner: $12.65
  • Brunch: $10.85 (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Special Events: $13.90

Balanced Choices for Any Diet

Vegetarian entrees are provided in the Student Union Dining Hall and in the Varsity Café at every meal. We can adapt to any special dietary need, provided a signed physician’s order is submitted to the Pitt-Johnstown Health Services Office.

Healthy Eating - “My Fitness Pal”
The Balanced Plate is a nutrition program that encourages students to make healthy choices by focusing on what to eat, rather than what not to eat. All meals are 600 calories or less, 50% vegetables and/or fruit, 25% protein and 25% whole grain. The Balanced Plate is offered in the Student Union Dining Hall and the Varsity Café.

International Cuisine
Traditional ethnic foods as well as innovative tastes from around the world are available in the Student Union Dining Hall.