Accommodated Testing

Pitt-Johnstown Acommodation Policy and Procedure

Only students who have been approved for testing accommodations through the Pitt-Johnstown Office of Health and Counseling Services (OHCS) are entitled to use these accommodations.

Scheduling Exams

To schedule an exam, the student must complete a testing request form, which is located on the counter inside the Office of Health and Counseling Services (OHCS).

Students are required to complete this form and have their instructor sign it. The instructor keeps the top, white copy, and the remainder of the form is given back to the student.

Once the instructor has signed the request form, the student is responsible for submitting the remainder of the request form to OHCS at least three business days prior to the class test time.

Note: Please make note of college closures due to holidays, etc.

The following chart outlines when exams must be received by the Office of Health and Counseling Services (OHCS) in order to provide accommodated testing: 

For Exams Scheduled On…                                Test Request Must Be Received By…

Monday                                                                      The previous Wednesday

Tuesday                                                                      The previous Thursday

Wednesday                                                                 The previous Friday

Thursday                                                                     The Monday prior

Friday                                                                          The Tuesday prior

Failure to submit a testing request form within 3 days of the class test date will result in the inability to take the exam in the testing center.

Taking The Exam

Disability Services

  • On the day of the exam, make sure to arrive on time. Arriving late will result in forfeiture of that time missed. For example, if an exam is scheduled for 9 a.m. and the student arrives at 9:15 a.m., the student forfeits those 15 minutes.
  • No personal items are permitted in the testing room. Lockers will be provided for student’s to place their belongings if need be.
  • Once the test is started, students are not permitted to leave the testing room until the exam is over unless they have documented accommodations that allow for breaks.
  • Cheating and disruptive behavior is not permitted in the testing center.

Students who do not comply with these rules will be asked to leave the testing center and forfeit their ability to take the exam.

Rescheduling Exams/Missing Exams

Students are responsible for notifying their instructor as well as the Office of Health and Counseling Services (OHCS) if an exam is to be missed for any reason. It is up to the discretion of the instructor whether or not they will allow the student to make up the exam. In the event that the instructor allows the student to make up the exam, the student must complete another testing request form and submit it to the OHCS three days prior to the makeup exam date.

Delivering And Returning Accommodated Exams

Instructors are required to provide the Office of Health and Counseling Services (OHCS) a copy of the exam prior to the student’s test date and time.

The following options are available for exam delivery:

  • Hand delivery by instructor
  • Send through college mail
  • E-Mail:

On the testing request form, the instructor will indicate how they would like to have the completed exam returned to them but, hand delivering it to the instructor, their secretary, or dropping it off in their mailbox is the preferred method.