Faculty Services

The mutual goal of RealWorld Career Services and faculty is student success. By working together, faculty, staff, and Career Service professionals can ensure the transition from student to a member of the workforce is as seamless as possible. We continue to build a career education program based on the philosophy that career development is a lifelong cyclical process. We invite you to review our offerings to students and ask that you share this information with students, helping them to see the value of an early and continuing connection with the RealWorld Career Services office.

We also provide the following programs and services related to faculty's work with students:

  • Class presentations
  • Graduate follow-up studies and reports
  • Internship and job-shadowing programs
  • Online job referral system

Requests for Presentations
We are available for class presentations, seminars, consultation, and participation in research on career-related topics. You can add us to your syllabus now or schedule a special career-related presentation for your students. Contact us now to make arrangements.

We coordinate a comprehensive internship program for various majors. We are here to serve as a partner to the academic programs to enhance the educational experience of Pitt-Johnstown students and we maintain a database of appropriate opportunities for them. We serve an administrative and liaison role between the employing organization and Pitt-Johnstown academic units. The academic units coordinate related academic supervision and requirements. Let us know if you would like to be contacted about how we can assist you in developing, administering, and/or maintaining an active internship for your students.