Second Visit to China Proves Successful

Sui Chen

posted March 31, 2016

Pitt-Johnstown Director of International Recruitment Sui Chen addresses high school students during his recent visit to China.

During March 2016, I went on Pitt-Johnstown’s second international recruiting trip to China.

Photo Gallery

I visited seven cities in 14 days, including Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing, Jinan, Ningbo, Nanjing and Hefei.

During the trip, I attended three college fairs and presented at 11 high schools.

I met with many of our admitted students and their parents, and met with many 11th-grade potential students and some of their parents.

It was great to revisit some high schools that I presented to during last year's China trip, and I was able to build more trust between those high school counselors and Pitt-Johnstown. A few new high schools were vistied this time, broadening the Pitt-Johnstown reputation to second-tier cities in China.

Among the photos in the attached slideshow is one of myself with Channie Chen, the international recruiter from Pitt's Oakland campus. We attended a college fair in Shanghai. Our booths were next to each other so we could promote Pitt in general at this college fair.