China, Thailand Recruiting Trip a Success

Sui Chen

posted March 27, 2017

 Pitt-Johnstown Director of International Recruitment Sui Chen recently represented the university in Thailand and China. His account of the trip follows.

I joined Linden Tours, a professional college tours company recommended by the University of Pittsburgh, and visited Thailand and China during March 2017.

It was the first visit by a Pitt-Johnstown representative to Thailand, and it included six high schools and a college fair in Bangkok. I collected 43 students and gained information of those showed interest to UPJ. The majority of students were in either 11th or 10th grades and about 50 people showed up at the college fair, including students and their parents. I collected 13 students' information. 

The China trip included five cities in nine days, including six high school and a college fair.

Similar to the Thai trip, the majority of students were 11th and 10th graders, because all seniors are now waiting for their college offers and they are in the process of deciding which university to attend instead of applying for fall 2017 term.

I met nearly 10 seniors during the trip that were admitted to UPJ for fall 2017 term.

Most of them are still waiting for other university’s offer and, fortunately, after spending hours chatting with one student's mother and the student, they paid for deposit and she is starting in summer 2017. 

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