Authorized Payers

Athorized Payer Login


The University supports students' rights to privacy under the
Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy act of 1974. Therefore, we cannot discuss students' bills, account details, or payment plans with anyone except students' Authorized Payers.

Students can authorize parents, guardians, spouses, or others as their Authorized Payers in PittPAY. Authorized Payers will receive a courtesy email each time a new eBill is posted in PittPAY for the student. Students may have an unlimited number of Authorized Payers, and should create separate Authorized Payers for each individual they want to grant permission to access PittPAY. For example, if the student wants both parents to be Authorized Payers, instead of creating one Authorized Payer called Smith Family, each parent should have an individual Authorized Payer record in PittPAY each with its own Login Name.

Authorized Payers have their own access to PittPAY from this site. Your student must set you up as an Authorized Payer first and provide you with your login name and password. You will be asked to change your password when you log in the first time. For help accessing PittPAY, contact Pitt’s Technology Help Desk.

Authorized payers have access to the following:

  • Message Board - important information, frequently updated
  • Current Account Details - provides the most up to the minute view of the student account
  • eBill and eBill History –the monthly billing statements are posted here. eBills are only a snapshot of the account at the moment they are generated.
  • Make Payment – process online payments by:
    • eCheck - from a U.S. checking account for NO FEE
    • Debit or Credit Card - a non-refundable 2.75% service fee applies
    • International Payment-Flywire - payment from almost any country and bank; costs less than traditional wire transfers
  • Direct Deposit: if you are a Parent PLUS Loan borrower who elected on your loan application to have credit balances created by the disbursement of your loans to your student’s account directed to you (instead of to your student), enroll in Direct Deposit for the fastest and most secure way to receive your refund.
  • Payment Plan: enroll in an optional payment plan. You can take advantage of more monthly installments by enrolling early.