Options Program

The Options Program is the University of Pittsburgh's response to the increasing number of highly qualified students who seek admission.

As Pitt's reputation continues to grow, so does the volume of their applications. Unfortunately, they have a limited number of spaces at the Pittsburgh campus and they find that they cannot accommodate all students who apply. For students whose academic profile suggests they could benefit from the University's educational philosophy, strengths, and reputation, the Admissions Committee may offer admission to one of the four regional campuses. The same philosophy, strengths and international reputation are also available at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville.

If you have received an Option Program letter for Pitt-Johnstown, congratulations on your admission!

How it works

Students typically apply directly to the University of Pittsburgh campus of their choice. However, some academically qualified students do not gain admission to their first choice of campus due to the level of academic competition. The University may then offer admission to a regional campus to many of these students who possess an acceptable academic profile.

For students who are not admissible to the Pittsburgh campus but rank their campus choices on the Pittsburgh campus admissions application, the committee will review the applicant for admission to another University of Pittsburgh campus according to their preference. Depending upon qualification, this may result in an offer of admission to the second-, third-, or fourth-ranked campus.

For students who do not rank their preferred campus, the committee will make the best choice possible for the student based on their qualifications and intended academic goal. Students will be contacted by the university campus where they qualify for admission following their initial notification of an Options decision by the Pittsburgh campus.

Once offered an option, students are encouraged to explore both what is specific to that campus in the way of setting and programs, and in what ways major university resources are shared throughout this unique system.