Active Duty Student

The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown has a long-standing policy (09-05-08) that permits students who have orders mobilizing them to active military duty to drop all classes, without regard to the date they are mobilized.  Students must submit a copy of their orders to do so. Pitt-Johnstown will work with active duty students to transition out of the University as expeditiously as possible.

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In most cases, we will drop the term’s registration so the student will owe no tuition and receive no grades for the term. Exceptions may arise. For example, if a student received a refund from Title IV funds (usually Stafford or PLUS), dropping all courses will create a debit balance for the student when the loan is returned to the lender. The student has to be made aware of the situation.

If that’s the agreed-upon course of action, the student may need to be set up on a payment plan (at no cost).If the student receives mobilization orders near the end of the term, a professor may be willing to issue a grade even though the student may not be available to take a final exam. If that’s the case, the student does not need to drop all courses, and will earn the term’s grades and credits.

If the student’s length of service goes beyond the grace period established for repayment of loans, the student will have to request forbearance, due to military duty, from the institution asking for repayment. 

Contact the Registrar's Office at 814-269-7055.

Visit the MountainCat Veterans Program page for information.