Pitt-Johnstown Pre-Law

Pitt-Johnstown has a solid record for placing graduates in law school.


Law school requires no prerequisite courses and has no preferred majors. Pre-law – while not a major, minor, or series of courses – refers to anyone who wants to explore, prepare, and apply to law school.

At Pitt-Johnstown, our pre-law advisor will guide you from course selection to LSAT preparation and the application process.

James R. Alexander, PhD
Voice: 814-269-2983
104 Krebs Hall

Pitt-Johnstown offers a complete pre-law advising process, including access to all information and catalogs students should need, and a pre-law advisor experienced in the application/matriculation process.

The advising process usually begins during the junior year. At that time, application forms, catalogs, information packages, materials on law careers, and full information on Law Board examinations, will be available to students.