Geography Club

The goal of the Geography Club at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is to advance the status of geography as a scholarly and practical discipline for study and investigation.


Some of the events include sponsoring the "Geography Awareness Week" every November, taking part in Homecoming events, visiting geography departments in near-by colleges, hosting the "Geographer's Reunion" gathering, and sponsoring the GTU induction of selected members to this prestigious international honorary geographical society. In April, a ceremony is held to honor selected members and to present the "K-Award" to the outstanding geography major of the year.

The Geography Club at Pitt-Johnstown was started by Dr. William Kory in 1971 and has functioned continuously since that time. The members elect officers and the club holds regular meetings during the school year.

The Club also promotes Geography on campus so other students can learn more about the field and what professional opportunities exist for Geography graduates, and provides a forum for discussion about graduate schools and internships. The Geography Club provides a connection between past and current Geography students. The Club invites members of the community to discuss how geographic knowledge can be applied in the workplace. The Club also performs service duties to the local community.

Geography Club Officers


  • President: Erin Penzelik
  • Vice President: Matt Innes
  • Executive Secretary: Katie St. Clair
  • Secretary: Halee Sesock
  • Treasurer: Mackenzie Kalp
  • Assistant Treasurer: Paige Torchio
  • Projects Coordinator: Jim Borriello


  • President: Kevin Baker
  • Vice President: Erin Penzelik
  • Secretary: Katie St. Clair
  • Treasurer: Mackenzie Kalp
  • Assistant Treasurer: Matt Innes
  • Public Relations: Mike Pritchard
  • Projects Coordinator: Ron Hostetler

2015 - 2016

  • President: Kevin Baker
  • Vice President: Hayley Welsh
  • Treasurer: Larissa Swank
  • Secretary: Alexis Baldwin
  • Recording Secretary: Morgan Powell

2014 - 2015

  • President - Kevin Baker
  • Vice President - Jacob R. Wolff
  • Executive Secretary - Emily Kobylecky
  • Recording Secretary - Alexis Baldwin
  • Treasurer - Nolan McGuire
  • PR Officer - Daniel Duscher
  • Historian - Pete Malich

2013 - 2014

  • President - Jacob R. Wolff
  • Vice President - Carrie Law
  • Secretary - Katie Williams
  • Treasurer - Nolan McGuire
  • PR Officer - John Bandzuh


  • President - Adam Blough
  • Vice President - Jacob R. Wolff
  • Executive Secretary - Robert M. Wiederstein
  • Secretary - John T. Bandzuh
  • Treasurer - Brian Hreha
  • PR Officer - Nolan P. McGuire

2011 - 2012

  • President - Matthew Huff
  • Vice President - Ashley Scarff
  • Secretary - Jacob R. Wolff
  • Treasurer - Brian Hreha