Pitt-Johnstown Healthcare

This unique degree program at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown allows graduates from Associate Degree (or equivalent) Healthcare programs or accredited hospital-based programs for health professions (with acceptable academic credits) to prepare for positions as supervisors/administrators or educators within the Healthcare field.


Program Requirements

In order to complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare, the following criteria must be met:

  • Candidates for this program must have graduated with a minimum QPA of 2.25 (based on a 4.0 grading system) from their professional program.
  • All general education requirements must be completed.
  • The student's previous Healthcare professional curriculum must be evaluated.
  • Up to 48 pre-professional/technical credits can be awarded. If less than 48 credits are awarded, the students must make up the additional credits in consultation with their advisor.

The Admission Process

Application must be made through the Office of Advanced and Continuing Education, 157 Blackington Hall, 814-269-7074.

Official grade transcripts must be sent to the Office of Advanced and Continuing Education. All required documentation exhibiting professional certification, registration, or licensure to practice must be submitted to the Office of Advanced and Continuing Education.