Pitt-Johnstown Biology

The Biology Department of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown prepares students for several health professions, various graduate programs, or environmentally focused studies.


Students interested in medical, optometry, dental, podiatry, and veterinary school are guided through their coursework and the application process with the full support of the preprofessional committee. Of the students that apply to these schools with the support of the preprofessional committee, our students’ have a 97.8% acceptance rate.

All students majoring in biology will get a broad understanding of the field, ranging from cells to ecology. Students can choose from a variety of upper level biology electives to tailor their degree to their interest area. The program offers a contemporary biology curriculum emphasizing laboratory work and/ or field experience and allows students the opportunity to get RealWorld experience through an experiential RealWorld capstone.

In collaboration with the Education Division, the department offers courses toward a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education -- biology, and certification to teach high school biology.

One of the many distinctive features of the biology program is the opportunity to gain real-world experience through our strong undergraduate research program. In addition to faculty-mentored research, students benefit from a collaboration with the Windber Research Institute (WRI). At WRI, students are working alongside scientists to research topics including genetics and prostate cancer in African American men. Many students present their research projects at national conferences and publish their findings in professional journals. The annual Symposium for the Promotion of Academic and Creative Enquiry (SPACE), provides students with another opportunity to showcase their research findings.  

The department is housed in two locations: the east wing of Krebs Hall is home to faculty offices and teaching and research laboratories; and additional teaching laboratories are located in the Nursing and Health Sciences Building.

Rebecca Webb, PhD
Department Chair