Pitt-Johnstown Journalism

Journalism (JOURNL)

JOURNL 0053 Introduction to Journalism             

A course designed to provide both philosophical and historical foundations for consumers of mass media and those wishing to practice journalism. Provides an overview of American journalism—its underlying philosophies, history, theories, functions, and ethics. 3 credits


JOURNL 1132 Reporting I             

A course in news gathering and reporting with coverage of Richland Township supervisors' meetings or in-class exercises. Students are called upon to produce a range of journalistic writing, including hard news and human interest stories. Emphasis is on deadline writing, reporter initiative, and clear and concise writing in Associated Press style. 3 credits

JOURNL 1133 Magazine Writing               

Students produce four or five magazine articles. Emphasis is on student ideas and Associated Press style. Interviewing and information-gathering skills are developed. The objective is publication with research of magazine markets.  3 credits

JOURNL 1134 Feature Writing   

Students produce weekly feature articles based on their ideas using Associated Press style. Emphasis on student initiative and writing skills, including analysis of the best of American journalism. Consistent productivity is tested.  3 credits

JOURNL 1135 Editorial Writing 

Designed to introduce journalism students to an area of specialization in communications—the editorial. Emphasis is on writing opinion for newspaper and electronic media and discussion of editorial policy making; the means of persuasion; and the roles of syndicated and local columns, editorial cartoons, letters to the editor; and journals of opinion.  3 credits

JOURNL 1136 Copy-Reading/ Editing     

A workshop in which students receive editing and headline-writing experience of the type they would receive in a daily newspaper newsroom. The emphasis is on practical application, with deadlines and demands for accuracy in a job that is consistently in demand. 3 credits

JOURNL 1137 Newspaper Layout/Design             

Students study and use a variety of newspaper layout-makeup styles in this workshop. Speed, accuracy, and imagination are combined to produce attractive, readable page designs. 3 credits

JOURNL 1138 Reporting II           

A rigorous course in which the students accept responsibility for beat coverage. Students produce two stories per week with a minimum of errors. Emphasis on productivity, initiative, and error-free writing under deadline pressure using Associated Press style. Prerequisite: JOURNL 1132. 3 credits

JOURNL 1140 Photography in Communications

A workshop in newspaper photography emphasizing coordination with writers and editors, artistic aspects, productivity, and darkroom development. 3 credits

JOURNL 1142 Journalism Practicum        

Award of academic credits based on experience. Course available to members of The Advocate, WUPJ radio station, editorial staff of Backroads, and staff of the UPJ yearbook, with faculty consultation. S/U grading system, with evaluation by editors and faculty. Maximum of 6 credits may be counted toward graduation, and only 1 credit per term will be awarded. 1 credit

JOURNL 1143 Special Topics       

The content of courses offered under this heading varies.  3 credits

JOURNL 1144 Public Relations I

Students study the concepts and practices of internal and external public relations. Along with contemporary theory, the course stresses writing, communication, layout, and design.  Writing skills expected. 3 credits

JOURNL 1145 Broadcast Journalism        

Students are introduced to broadcast journalism through traditional classroom instruction and writing of stories for radio and television formats.  3 credits

JOURNL 1146 Public Relations II               

Students study public relations taking a problem-solving approach. The workshop method enables students to acquire hands-on experience in various public relations duties. Prerequisite: JOURNL 1144.  3 credits

JOURNL 1147 The Media and the Law    

A study of the legal framework in which the mass media law operates. Recommended for journalism majors, but open to all interested students.  3 credits

JOURNL 1171 Conference in Writing      

Students are required to produce a 12,000-word writing project, a portion or all of which will be submitted for publication. Journalism students are required to write nonfiction projects, which might include a series of newspaper stories, one or more magazine articles, or a lengthy investigative reporting project. Non-journalism students may submit works of fiction (short stories, novel, etc.). Independent study format. Senior status required.  3 credits

JOURNL 1173 Internship              

Three-, 6-, 9-, and 12-credit journalism internships have been established with area media, businesses, and organizations in order to provide a practical experience to supplement the academic program. Six internship credits may be applied to the journalism major. The credit value of each internship program is determined by the number of working hours involved. 3-12 credits