Real World Learning

Pitt-Johnstown Business and Enterprise

 learning at Pitt-Johnstown is a unique blend of academics and experiential learning, leading to rewarding career opportunities.

Business and Enterprise

Our distinctive people, place, and programs create a learning environment that gives students an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences in and outside the classroom. Real World opportunities, including internships, service-learning, undergraduate research, study abroad, and other creative and professional work experiences, result in exceptional performance. 

The Real World Action Program is a University-wide initiative designed to guide students through a series of programs, activities and experiences that complement their academic studies. 

Opportunities abound for Pitt-Johnstown business-corporate students. The strategically designed versatility and real-world preparedness and readiness created within the wide collection of course offerings creates positive expectations for careers in diverse fields such as service, manufacturing, education, health care, and government. 

Many of our students have chosen is to proceed directly into a graduate level of study seeking: Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Human Resource Management and Masters in Education Administration. 


"The business department at Pitt Johnstown prepares you for the real world. Obtaining my internship with Concurrent Technologies Corp. (CTC) gave me the opportunity to not only work for a wonderful company and have a career, but it also provided me the opportunity to attend graduate school and earn my MBA."  

Kelly A. Gregory '09
Business and Financial Analyst
Concurrent Technologies Corp.

Opportunities On and Beyond Campus

  • Internship Programs The Division of Business and Enterprise has created a model internship program for its students. At least 25 Business students are placed in internships each semester. Regional business leaders give high praise to our student interns, anxiously seek new ones each semester, and often hire them after graduation. Students are matched with local organizations in the Johnstown region, including Conemaugh Health System, Barnes, Saly & Company accountants, Concurrent Technologies Corporation, the Johnstown Tomahawks hockey team, and the Johnstown YMCA. Students benefit because they can apply the concepts they have learned in their Business coursework to a RealWorld setting — while also earning academic credit and even monetary stipends from some employers.
  • Clubs and Organizations Business-Minded Student Activities and Organizations:
  • Business Major Alumni Newsletters Our alumni are making an impact in the following roles:
    • Field Representative - American Red Cross
    • Manager - Children’s Behavioral Health
    • Financial Analyst - Black & Decker
    • CEO/Co-Founder - Cellhelmet
    • Accountant - Central Intelligence Agency
    • Business Analyst - Dun & Bradstreet
    • Assistant Bank Examiner - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Business Support Analyst - General Dynamics
    • Project Manager - General Dynamics
    • Sales Representative - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
    • Social Media Marketing Coordinator - NBC Sports
    • Owner - Pinnacle Chiropractic Spine & Sports
    • IT System Analyst - S&T Bank
    • Systems Analyst - UPMC