Academic Advising

The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans
and life goals rests with the individual student.

Pitt-Johnstown’s academic advising involves a developmental teaching process in which an advisor and an advisee (student) enter into a collaborative, growth-oriented relationship. The end result is exceptional performance.

Advising The advisor-student relationship is based on mutual trust and respect with an equal sharing of responsibility for the development of the advisee's education and career plans.

  • All full-time students who have declared a major are assigned a faculty advisor during their first term. Students in pre-Business  participate in group advising and are assigned an individual advisor when declaring a concentration during the second term of their sophomore year.
  • All full-time students who are undecided/undeclared are assigned an academic advisor from the Academic Success Center during their first term.
  • All full-time or part-time non-traditonal students (i.e. 21 years old or older) who are beginning an academic program are advised by the Office of Advanced and Continuing Education.

Faculty advisors are experts in their disciplines and are knowledgeable about specific courses in their divisions as well as in educational and career opportunities.

Your faculty advisor will help you:

  • With program planning, course selection, and scheduling
  • To develop, clarify and evaluate your educational plans and goals
  • To identify and explore alternative opportunities
  • To assess the potential outcomes of your decisions

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