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Miron Bekker: International Authority on Mathematics

Miron Bekker, PhD, a Pitt-Johnstown mathematics assistant professor, has presented at international conferences and has authored several publications in the past few years.

He has presented talks at theInternational conference of Contemporary Mathematics, Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems (Nahariya, Israel), in May 2013; and at the International Symposium on Differential Equations and Difference Equations (Homburg, Germany), in September 2014.

Also, Bekker’s recent publication work includes:

  • On Thermodynamics of Interaction of a Thread-Like Inclusion with a Compound of Matrix in Composite Materials (with A. P. Ugol'nikov) International Journal of Composite Materials 2014, 4(5A): 45-48 DOI: 10.5923/j.cmaterials.201401.07
  • Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of a Rational System of Difference Equations(with M. Bohner and H. Voulov). Journal of Nonlinear Science and Applications7 (2014), 379-382.
  • Extreme Self-Adjoint Extensions of a Semibounded q-Difference Operator  (with M. Bohner and H. Voulov). Mathematische Nachrichten 1-16 (2013), DOI 10.1002/mana.201200261
  • On the roots of determinants of a class of holomorphic matrix-valued functions.   Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. 408 (2013), 291-297
  • On Selfadjoint Homogeneous Operators (with B. Bekker). Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, (2013) 7:9-31.