Faculty and Staff Guide to Purchasing

A quick guide for faculty and staff regarding purchases through the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

Use PantherExpress and contracted suppliers as the primary means for purchasing goods.

Purchases of $5,000 or More
Competitive bids are required for purchases of $5,000 or more. Contact Purchasing Services.

Formalizing a Purchase
Committing to a purchase is reserved for authorized purchasing personnel. PCard (an institutional purchasing credit card) holders may commit to purchases when using a PCard.

Signing Contracts
Signing of contracts is reserved for authorized purchasing personnel. Contracts using standard University agreements that are valued at less than $5,000 may be signed at the department level.

Apparel and Items Using University Logos and Marks
Contact the Book Store. The Book Store and Purchasing Services will coordinate the processing of these types of orders. Orders will be placed using licensed vendors. Oakland must approve all artwork. Allow a minimum of 10 days for the approval process.

Busing and Other For-Hire Transportation
Contact Purchasing Services before communicating with suppliers concerning buses and for-hire transportation.

Selecting a Vendor
Obtaining a quote is permitted, but vendor selection is at the discretion of Purchasing Services.

Orders cannot be placed without properly completed purchase requisitions. Provide catalog numbers and enough detail to aid in order placement.

Purchasing Services
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
450 Schooolhouse Road
120 Blackington Hall
Johnstown, PA 15904
Fax: 814-269-7082 

Purchase Instructions

Purchasing a Product for Less than $5,000
Purchase using PantherExpress or a University contracted supplier (Policy 05-02-15). If unavailable through a contracted supplier, complete a purchase requisition. Contracted Suppliers

Purchasing a Service From a Company for Less than $5,000
Contracts valued at less than $5,000 using standard University agreements may be signed at the department level. Standard Agreements