UPJ Trails Get Another Facelift in the Second Annual Trails Day Event

Christine Dahlin, PhD

posted April 26, 2018

Revamping the Nature Trails is becoming an annual Spring tradition.

This year, more than a dozen students, staff and faculty gathered on a lovely Sunday morning, representing organizations including the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, the UPJ Democrats, and the Environmental Sustainability Club.

Last year’s effort involved redirecting a damaged portion of the Rocky Run Nature Trail, and most of our hard work was satisfyingly still intact.

This year, we built an entire new section of trail to make a loop out of two old portions of the trail.

A lot of this new trail was up a steep incline, so we had to hack steps and haul river rocks to make steps up the slope.

Thus we were dirty, sore, and smiling by the time we were done.

A separate team of workers combed the trail for garbage and hauled out bottles, chairs and other debris, leaving the trails looking pristine.

Our time on the trails also gave us the opportunity to enjoy budding trilliums and emerging salamanders.

Our rule of thumb was, if you lifted a rock or log and found a salamander, gently put it back, since salamanders are territorial and need their homes.

Although our Trails Day happened one week before Earth Day, we definitely left connected with the planet.

We encourage everyone to get out to the Rocky Run Nature Area and enjoy the spectacular trails and wildlife; just make sure to pack out your garbage!

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