Inaugural 'Trails Day' a Campus Effort

Christine Dahlin, PhD

posted April 10, 2017

Pitt-Johnstown hosted the first "Trails Day" at the campus natural area, and more than 15 faculty, staff, and students arrived early Sunday morning to clean and repair our trail system.

David Finney and Jackie Ivock provided large numbers of shovels, rakes, and cutting tools, and the rest of us provided additional supplies and the manual labor. We dragged out several trash bags of debris including chairs and a television.

We also reconstructed and redirected the initial part of the trail, which had become a stream over the past several years.

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous. All who participated emerged dirty, yet smiling and with a renewed sense of purpose and community. We plan to get back to work with another Trails day during the summer, with plans to continue repairing and marking our new trails. 

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program and two student organizations - the Environmental Club and the UPJ Democrats - sponsored the effort. 

Trails Day