Tate Easily Connects Art and Engineering


posted April 16, 2018

Max Tate is a man of varied talents who has found a means of enhancing all of them at Pitt-Johnstown. He aspires to continue refining and using these abilities in his professional career.

The senior mechanical engineering student from Philadelphia balances an engineering proficiency with an aptitude for art. He explains there is a logical connection.

“Art has always played a significant part in my life,” said Tate. “In between the art camps with my brothers, the button and T-shirt service my mother and I would run, and my father’s vast background in the subject, it was to be expected.”

He was The Advocate's editorial cartoonist. Tate said he has also explored poetry, acting, and musical theory.

“I can say, ‘art is the greatest form of expression.’ Other than self-expression, art is also an expression of the universe seen through the human eye,” he said. “For who can learn sciences without models and representations of natural phenomenon?”

Tate finds inspiration all around him.

“Some of the greatest technological advancements have been influenced by the art of the natural world and the way it expresses itself,” he said. “When one looks deeper, nature has a rhythm and methodology to it. All things are exchanging information, transferring forces, moving and reacting.

“I have seen countless overlaps between art and engineering in school and in the world, but developed an interest in engineering because it was less accessible, gave me answers of how the world works, and has amazing potential to benefit society.”

At Pitt Johnstown, Tate has spent time with Time Out Christian Fellowship, which provided countless volunteer and growth opportunities, and even connected him with a summer job last year at The Pittsburgh Project.

He has participated in other clubs such as UPJammers, Pitt Johnstown Players, Anime club, Karate club, RC Racing, and Amatuer Robotics and Electronics Club (AREC).    

Pitt-Johnstown has provided him an opportunity to further his skillsets and use his talents. The next steps are limitless.

“I ended up at UPJ because I aspire for a career where I bring my ideas and inventions into the real world,” he said.

“First, seeking to learn the proper knowledge and gain experience to help me succeed in these goals. Later on, I would like to pursue teaching engineering and STEM fields in whatever form it takes, whether that be in university or outreach to kids.”   

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