Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Amy M. Wadsworth Nursing & Health Sciences (814) 269-2053 FACULTY
Julie E. Wagner (814) 269-2097 FACULTY
Diane L. Walsh Office of the Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs (814) 269-2077 STAFF
Dr. Allan M. Walstad Physics (814) 269-2974 FACULTY
Dr. Sharon L. Walstad Psychology (814) 269-2953 FACULTY
William H. Walter Information Technology: Information Systems (814) 269-7020 STAFF
Dr. Rebecca Webb Biology (814) 269-2913 FACULTY
Jeffrey L. Webb Music (814) 269-7155 FACULTY
Nicole M. White Campus Police (814) 269-7005 PT STAFF
Eve M. Wider (814) 269-7288 FACULTY
Dr. Susan M. Wieczorek Communication (814) 269-7158 FACULTY
Dr. William R. Wieserman Electrical Engineering Technology (814) 269-7259 FACULTY
Laura M. Wieserman Engineering Technology (814) 269-7250 PT FACULTY
Keli Williams Secondary Education (814) 269-7002 PT FACULTY
Todd W. Williams Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-7170 STAFF
Dr. Veronica A. Wilson History (814) 269-2961 FACULTY
Joseph J. Wilson Mathematics (814) 269-2929 FACULTY
Sharon E. Wilson Social Science Division (814) 269-2990 STAFF
Sharon Wissinger Co-Ed Physical Education (814) 269-2000 PT FACULTY
William E. Wissinger Business (814) 269-2996 PT FACULTY