Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
John G. Teacher Theatre Arts (814) 269-7230 FACULTY
James C. Teague Finance (814) 269-2925 FACULTY
Dr. Alan H. Teich Psychology (814) 269-2950 FACULTY
Maria P. Theys Respiratory Care (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY
Rachel B. Thomas-Kimmel English Composition (814) 269-7176 PT FACULTY
Anita Thompson Mathematics (814) 269-2928 PT FACULTY
Dr. John W. Thompson Mathematics (814) 269-2043 FACULTY
Gina Thompson Engineering Division (814) 269-7250 STAFF
Elissa Till Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2024 STAFF
Robert L. Timulak Machine Shop (814) 269-7268 STAFF
Michael J. Trigona Social Sciences (814) 269-2990 PT FACULTY
Charlene Trimeloni Nursing & Health Sciences (814) 269-2995 PT FACULTY
Joni L. Trovato Student Financial Aid Office (814) 269-7045 STAFF
Linda L. Tully Mathematics (814) 269-2920 FACULTY
Dr. Serdar Tumkor Mechanical Engineering Technology (814) 269-7262 FACULTY
Nancy Turner Campus Police (814) 269-7276 STAFF