Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Susan Palov President's Office (814) 269-2090 STAFF
Dr. Shannon L. Parks Civil Engineering Technology (814) 269-7263 FACULTY
Paulette P. Parlock Foreign Studies (814) 269-7982 PT FACULTY
Kathleen A. Patterson Human Resources (814) 269-7030 STAFF
Patrick Pecora Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2001 STAFF
Pamela Penatzer Admissions (814) 269-7050 STAFF
Laura Perry-Thompson Sociology (814) 269-7001 FACULTY
Shelley Peruso Office of Health and Counseling Services (814) 269-7124 STAFF
Sydney K. Petro Conference Services (814) 269-2068 PT STAFF
Dr. Barbara Petrosky Foreign Studies (814) 269-7153 FACULTY
Dr. David Petrosky Foreign Studies (814) 269-7153 PT FACULTY
Greg Petyak Business (814) 269-2964 FACULTY
Christian J. Phillips Information Technology: Technical Services (814) 269-7020 STAFF
Kurtis G. Pierce Respiratory Care (814) 269-2956 FACULTY
Lisa Popovnak Nursing & Health Sciences (814) 269-2995 PT FACULTY
Dr. Mark Previte Secondary Education (814) 269-7016 FACULTY
Terri D. Price Respiratory Care (814) 269-2959 FACULTY
Gerald G. Pundzak Respiratory Care (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY