Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Dr. Chandana Jayasooriya Electrical Engineering (814) 269-7270 FACULTY
Roxanne R. Jenner Institutional Advancement (814) 269-2940 STAFF
Yi Jian Business (814) 269-2980 FACULTY
Dr. Stephanie T. Jimenez Psychology (814) 269-2962 FACULTY
Dr. Prasanna D. Joeg Computer Science (814) 269-7250 FACULTY
C. Shelley Johansson Communication (814) 269-7145 PT FACULTY
Dr. Ola B. Johansson Geography (814) 269-2922 FACULTY
Dr. Jeremy C. Justus English Literature (814) 269-7214 FACULTY
Marissa K. Justus English (814) 269-7148 FACULTY