Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Patricia C. Hagerich Computer Science (814) 269-2919 FACULTY
Deborah A. Hamula Campus Police (814) 269-7005 STAFF
Dr. Elizabeth Harkins Education (814) 269-7058 FACULTY
Matthew J. Harr Information Technology: Information Systems (814) 269-7020 STAFF
Randall J. Harris Psychology (814) 269-2953 PT FACULTY
Sarah Harris Owen Library (814) 269-7300 STAFF
Sophia A. Harrison Respiratory Care (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY
Lance Harshbarger English Composition (814) 269-7145 PT FACULTY
Frederick Hartland Theatre Arts (814) 269-7232 PT FACULTY
Howard R. Hastings English Composition (814) 269-7176 PT FACULTY
Joanna Haupt Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2000 PT STAFF
Justin Haupt Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2000 PT STAFF
James R. Hedrick Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2006 STAFF
Shaun Hemphill Student Housing (814) 269-7106 STAFF
Dr. Jill Henning Biology (814) 269-7285 FACULTY
Lani J. Hepner (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY
Sara R. Herr Owen Library (814) 269-7292 STAFF
Terrie Hetzlein Master of Social Work Program (814) 269-7089 PT STAFF
Elizabeth M. Hoffman Mathematics (814) 269-2938 FACULTY
Emily A. Hoffman Student Financial Aid Office (814) 269-7041 STAFF