Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Christopher L. Gabany Electrical Engineering Technology (814) 269-7272 FACULTY
John M. Gelles Campus Police (814) 269-7005 PT STAFF
James M. Giampa Admissions (814) 269-7050 STAFF
Dr. Nina R. Girard Secondary Education (814) 269-2934 FACULTY
Rachel M. Gironda Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2000 STAFF
George Glenn Management (814) 269-2967 FACULTY
Bethany M. Goch English Composition (814) 269-7982 PT FACULTY
Daniel Gotwald Print Shop (814) 269-7096 STAFF
Dr. Janet L. Grady Nursing & Health Sciences (814) 269-2078 FACULTY
Dr. Valerie S. Grash Fine Arts (814) 269-7164 FACULTY
Craig A. Gresko Information Technology: User Services (814) 269-7256 STAFF
Therese Grimes Admissions (814) 269-7043 STAFF
Dr. Marsha Grimminger Chemistry (814) 269-2905 FACULTY
Dr. Robert Grimminger Chemistry (814) 269-2018 FACULTY
Daniel W. Grove Respiratory Care (814) 269-2952 PT FACULTY
Julia A. Grove English Composition (814) 269-7182 PT FACULTY
Patrick G. Grubbs Sports Center/Athletics (814) 269-2000 PT STAFF
Dr. George Gvozdich Business (814) 269-2996 PT FACULTY