Staff and Faculty Directory

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Name Department Telephone Classification
Kathleen J. Fedorko Respiratory Care (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY
Dr. Michael N. Ferencak Mathematics (814) 269-2931 FACULTY
Mallory B. Ferguson Nursing & Health Sciences (814) 269-2995 FACULTY
Leah A. Fetsko Chemistry (814) 269-2908 PT FACULTY
William J. Fine Writing (814) 269-7182 PT FACULTY
David L. Finney Facilities Management (814) 269-7129 STAFF
Tracy J. Fisanick Chemistry (814) 269-2908 FACULTY
Karyn E. Fisher English (814) 269-7982 PT FACULTY
Kimberly J. Flanders Communication (814) 269-7145 PT FACULTY
Reginald C. Floyd Campus Police (814) 269-7130 PT STAFF
Aquila M. Fox Sports Center/Athletics PT STAFF
Andrew J. Frear Campus Police (814) 269-7005 PT STAFF
Ashley L. Furnari Respiratory Care (814) 269-2960 PT FACULTY